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    summary: Steampunk AU. When bounty hunter Emma Swan is commissioned by Robert Gold, powerful and mysterious president of the Royal Society of English Magicians, to take down notorious airship pirate Captain Killian Jones, it lands them in a web of political and magical intrigue, dark secrets, and the dangerous London underworld - as well as their unwanted attraction to each other. Multi-chapter, slow burn.
    rating: T (will go up)
    status: WIP
    available: FF.net and AO3
    previous: chapter 9

    There was a very long, very horrible pause. Then Will stepped in front of the ruins of the door, crossed his arms, and said, “No.”

    Hook looked at him lividly. “I beg your pardon?”

    "You bloody well heard me the first time." The young thief was not a tall man, but he drew himself up threateningly as Emma watched, still recovering her breath after the eventful past few minutes. "Now put her down, before I make you."

    "Get out of my way, Scarlet."

    "No. No, I don’t ruddy well think I will. I’m not a piece of furniture that you can lug around when it suits you and throw in the rubbish tip when you get tired of it. I’m a person. So’s she. So’s both of ‘em. We’re people. All those folk across Europe who’ve never done a damn thing to you, who will more n’ likely die if you give Jafar the ability to raise the golem, they’re people too. Just because you’re sad that somebody you loved bit the dust, everyone else has to bite it as well, eh? You filthy, arrogant, selfish, vile git.”

    The pirate recoiled as if the words had physically struck him, but the crack in his composure was gone almost at once. “What the hell do you know about this?”

    "Oh, what do I know?" Will bellowed, finally provoked beyond all restraint. "What do I know? Well then. Let me tell you a few bloody things. My father was a drunkard, got run over by some fancy-arse gentleman’s coach-and-six in Piccadilly, and while they were scrapin’ him off the cobbles, all the gentleman was complainin’ about was how ‘those people’ had the audacity to be out of the East End where they bloody well belonged. I don’t remember it, I was four. What I do remember is my mum coughin’ herself to death of consumption, doin’ the laundry for rich folk and trying desperately not to get blood on the linens, otherwise they’d take it out of her wages. I knew she was gone when I woke up that morning in the dead of bloody winter and it was silent, there wasn’t no coughing. Me and Penny weren’t big enough to carry her out and see her decently done by, and we were terrified to besides, once the slum lords knew she’d snuffed it, they’d throw us out on the street. So I went to the neighbor-lads, and they took her and sold her to the damn spooks, the body-snatchers. God knows where she went, cut up on some doctor’s table or summat. And you think we ever saw a ha’penny of that money? No! Bloody no!”

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    Knightly is pretty amazing. I have to say that I’ve always wanted a Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey) but I think he’d have been better for me when I was younger. Now, I want Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin. He was fun and loyal.

    I am going to throw out another unpopular opinion: but Knightley—as written in the novel—does absolutely nothing for me. In fact, he kinda creeped me out and seemed like a dour stick-in-the-mud. (Jeremy Northam’s Knightley on the other hand: YESSSSS!!! I’ll take a dozen.)

    My favorite is still Darcy, followed closely by Capt. Wentworth.

    I’ve not been able to get thru Emma yet so I can’t speak of Knightley on a book level. Or Edward or whatever his name is in Mansfield park but he’s quite the stick in the mud so I doubt he’d be a good choice v

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    Pairing: Captain Swan

    Summary: Emma and Henry say goodbye to their friends and family and escape Storybrooke as Regina’s magic defeats Pan’s curse and sends everyone back to the Enchanted Forest. Or at least that was what was supposed to happen, but when Emma wakes up the next morning, she discovers that something went very wrong with the plan.

    Author’s Note: This is it, guys - last chapter! Thank you so much for all of your support and wonderful feedback on this story. It was a blast to write and I already miss it. Thank you again for all the likes and reblogs and reviews. You’re the best. 

    (PS: You can find the Outlaw Queen companion story here

    Read here or from the beginning at AO3 or FFN


    Emma figured it would be best to start with her parents – mostly because she wanted to see them and more importantly, because they wouldn’t yell at her for accidentally cursing them to forget their identities. But as they drove toward the loft, they passed several cars turning onto Main Street at rather high speeds. She glanced sideways at Killian and his arched eyebrow confirmed that they needed to make a detour.

    She steered the bug into the line of cars and wasn’t surprised to see they all appeared to be heading for Town Hall. The parking lot already overflowed with cars and people and the latest arrivals seemed content to park haphazardly, some on the grass and some just left their cars in the street in their haste to join the crowd pushing inside the building. Emma swung her car into the fire lane and put it in park while Killian muttered under his breath about the code violations being broken.

    “Bloody hell, Swan.” Killian stepped out of the car and closed the door, his eyes on her as she moved around the car to join him on the sidewalk. “Why do I retain this useless information about vehicle regulations?”

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    A lesson in why I use google docs. Tumblr likes to delete my text posts - so round two. In honor of NFL Kickoff Week and for weezlywrites who asked for football coach Killian. I went AU, as I always seem to. 

    hail mary. 

    “Your coach told you what?” 

    Henry is busy stuffing his face full of pasta as only a pre-teen hitting his hormonal glory days can, tomato sauce splattering the front of his jersey. She sighs and tries to remember where she put the stain sticker detergent (if she even bought it at all) and mentally calculates the time it will take to get this jersey clean before the next game. 

    “He said I have natural talent on defense.” He’s practically bouncing in his seat in excitement, and it’s the first time since he started playing this stupid sport that he’s shown more than a glimmer of real engagement. 

    (He started because of Neal - because of his father’s insistence to ditch the books and be a real man. Henry was so desperate for his father’s approval that he had come home that night, begging her to let him play, and god dammit - she couldn’t resist those big brown eyes.)

    “Defense? Really?” 

    Henry frowns and his shoulder’s drop and she immediately hates herself. She sighs and pops a bit of spinach in her mouth, tilting her head to the side and pressing his pasta bowl closer with her pinky. 

    “I just meant I can’t see you as a lineman.” He pokes and prods at his dinner. “Safety, though? Absolutely.” 

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  6. Knightly is pretty amazing. I have to say that I’ve always wanted a Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey) but I think he’d have been better for me when I was younger. Now, I want Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin. He was fun and loyal.

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  8. I’m convinced Darcy (any reincarnation of him) is only attractive in literature/media. In real life, he’d be insufferable.

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North Cascades, WashingtonChris Williams


    North Cascades, Washington
    Chris Williams

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